Create your Purpose Business

+++Live online Workshop+++

+++ Tuesday, April 25, 7pm London Time +++

For all Coaches, Trainer, Healers, Therapists or Practitioners who want to build their Purpose Business, but…

…don’t know how to find clients

…have no idea how and where to start

…don’t feel quite ready yet to start charging for their services

…feel overwhelmed by the thought of creating their own business

In this 90-minute live online workshop we will discuss the step-by-step framework that will enable you to turn your new skillset into a viable business – your Purpose Business – in a small group of max. 12 people.

What you will learn

  1. The three Strategic Business Principle of every successful Business
  2. How to approach finding Clients you love and that will love you
  3. How to craft your Offer so that Pricing becomes secondary
  4. Why you have to align your Business with your Belief System, your Values, and your Needs
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