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Struggling to attract and retain talent?

The “new normal” that was brought upon us in recent years has posed unprecedented challenges to companies, especially regarding keeping their employees engaged, satisfied, and happy.

Work-life was completely disrupted with the dawn of the covid pandemic when employees were suddenly forced to work from home. The realization of how flexible work can be and of the possibilities to shape the job around the requirements of everyday life made them rethink their expectations for their jobs.

With that, employees’ priorities shifted towards factors such as work-life balance, flexible work arrangements, and a supportive organizational culture. Phenomena like “The Great Resignation” and “Quiet Quitting” found their way into society.
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With evolving employee expectations now shaping the new normal, organizations are left with no choice but to adopt practices to enhance employee well-being and ensure high levels of satisfaction.

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Your employees’ expectations and struggles

With employees becoming more sensitive about how their jobs impact their lives, companies must make an extra effort to create the sort of environment that their employees feel supported, valued and cared about in.

That’s why, even though your employees’ struggles are not news, it is more important than ever before to properly address them.
But what is it that your employees struggle with? 

In short, employees mainly struggle with 
– Personal Issues that affect their performance at work
– Interpersonal Conflicts in teams or between co-workers
– Stress and Burnout
– Underutilized Potential 

All these struggles, individually or taken together, will lead to a lack of job satisfaction in your workforce. Employees may feel unfulfilled, disconnected, or undervalued in their roles. This in turn will lead to reduced productivity, low morale, and higher turnover rates.
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Imagine the impact that, addressing those struggles, could have on your whole organization…

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How coaching benefits the whole system

One of the drivers for Quiet Quitting and The Great Resignation is that employees developed the mindset of “Why should I go above and beyond for a company that does not care about me?”

So, how do you counteract this development? It’s easy: CARE!

By addressing your peoples’ struggles, you will benefit in two ways: firstly, helping them to overcome their struggles will increase their performance, job-satisfaction, and overall well-being.  And secondly, you also show them that you care. And that will strengthen their engagement and loyalty.

Let me help you care about your employees

During our 1-on-1 coaching sessions, your employees have the chance to discuss their struggles with me as their neutral coach to gain a new perspective and find ways to deal with these struggles.
The advantage of having a neutral person for that is that sometimes it is easier to open up about private or delicate topics to an outsider than to your manager. Also, the other way around – I know from personal experience that, as a manager, you sometimes reach a point at which, for various possible reasons, you cannot provide the support they need for one of your people and instead ask them to get outside help.
To give you an idea of what I might support your employees with, see below the most common areas of struggle:


High workloads, tight deadlines, and demanding expectations can lead to stress and burnout, impacting employee engagement, motivation, and overall mental health.

However, stress is subjective. It is a matter of how your employee perceives the world. It is created by their internal beliefs, values, and their focus.

And while the external world cannot necessarily be changed, the internal world can.


Workplace conflicts, disagreements, or communication breakdowns can create tension and hinder collaboration, leading to decreased productivity and a negative work environment.

The workplace is a meeting ground for people with fundamentally different personalities. And while it is oftentimes beneficial to compile a team of different characters (e.g., a creative leader, a critical analyst, a hand-on doer, …), more often than never this will lead to conflicts. These conflicts are usually due to misunderstandings or miscommunication and can paralyze a whole team, if they remain unresolved for long enough.

Personal Problems

Employees may struggle with personal challenges such as relationship issues, health issues, or problems in the family.

If these struggles remain unresolved, they will affect their well-being, their focus and therefore ultimately their performance at work.

Especially in tight-knit teams, a team member who is constantly underperforming, absentminded, or has severe mood-swings due to personal problems might eventually impact the whole team in a destructive way.

Underutilized Potential

High-potentials may not be fully utilizing their skills and abilities, resulting in untapped potential and missed opportunities for growth and innovation for both, the employee and the company.

This doesn’t usually just result in wasted potential that the company could have utilized. Worse than that, the high-potential will eventually notice the lack of development and growth. With that, job satisfaction will diminish and your employee might even leave the company to seek new challenges elsewhere.

Introducing the antidote to your employees’ struggles

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just leaders and high-potentials who struggle around certain topics. In fact, employees of all levels can benefit from external coaching.

No matter the occasion – stress, conflicts, personal problems or underutilized potential – coaching can support in gaining clarity of the situation, awareness of own or others’ patterns and thus create the foundation to develop strategies to overcome obstacles, deal with situations and self-develop.

Open Consultation Days

To make coaching available to your employees on a broader scale, I offer Open Consultations Days. To offer Open Consultation in your company, you can hire me, for example, for 2 Open Consultations Days per month. An Open Consultation Day consists of six 45-minute coaching slots with me, that your employees can simply register for. Open Consultations can take place in person in your office or remote via Zoom.

Since all information shared is confidential, coaching sessions are usually held on a 1-on-1 basis. In case a topic affects or involves more than one person (e.g., interpersonal conflicts), they can also be held in a group setting.

Interested in offering Consultation Days in your company?

The step-by-step to initiate our collaboration

Implementing coaching in your company is a simple and risk-free process

1. Align

In a first step, I am happy to give you a more in-depth idea of my coaching services and answer your questions on how I can support your employees and your company. After discussing what your motives and objectives are, i.e., what you wish to accomplish for your employees by making my coaching services available to them, I will create an offer, tailor-made to your company’s needs.


2. Announce

To kick off the coaching in your company, it is important to let your employees know about the service and give them a chance to get to know me. For that, I offer a kick-off session in which I will showcase the benefits of coaching and explain the concept of the open consultation days so people can take advantage of the services as soon as possible.

3. Test

For a 3-months trial period, we will monitor how much your employees make use of the opportunity offered to them. Based on the actual numbers, the extent of my services can be adapted to your actual needs.

But who am I to talk?

I was born into a family of doctors in 1983. And for as long as I can think, I wanted to become a doctor myself, to help people through situations in which they couldn’t help themselves. Ironically, for medical reasons (I almost died at the age of 20), I had to let go of my dream of becoming a doctor and went to business school instead, because it was the “sensible” option.

What followed graduating with an MBA was a lifetime worth of experiences in just over a decade. I worked for multinational corporation, agencies, startups, started my own companies, was self-employed, worked in supply chain management, key account management, consulting, online marketing, e-commerce, developed and implemented processes, helped develop an IT-infrastructure, transformed companies, managed people and teams, created cultures, …

But despite me making it sound quite glorious, long stretches of my career were a struggle. I struggled with anxiety, stress, and overwhelm. I struggled with my internal thermostat that always kept the burner on to push me to excel at all costs but then, just as I became “too” successful put on the brakes and made me self-sabotage.

I grew up to be an analytical thinker and a sceptic. Even psychology was considered witchcraft in my family. It took me to marry a psychotherapist to understand that there is an underlying structure to all our behaviors and emotions that can be worked on to overcome our struggles and thrive.

It was also her, who made me understand that it’s not a weakness to accept help but only the deeply insecure perceive accepting outside guidance and support as a thread to their (self-)image.

All of these experiences, my enthusiasm for business, my fascination for what makes people tick, and my desire to help people led me to where I am and who I am today.


*MBA – University of Cincinnati (2010)*
*Strategic Intervention Coaching – Robbins Madanes Training (2019)*
*Hypnosis Coaching – Terramedus Köln (2021)*
*Exponential Coaching – Rich Litvin, Mindvalley (2022)*
*Certified Hypnotherapist – Paul McKenna, Mindvalley (2023)*

What they have to say about me

Don’t take my word for it – here’s what the people who I’ve worked with have to say:

While working with Tobias, I identified negative doctrines and turned them into constructive fundamental beliefs. I was kind of aware of my negative beliefs, but not at all what impact they had on me as a personality and my life. Realizing this was a big bang, but only a small step of many I made since then. I regained self-confidence and developed a vision for myself and my business. Tobias helped me understand that obstacles often exist in our minds only, and, with the right mindset, they are not obstacles, but challenges, and, even more important, opportunities. I am grateful for having met and worked with Tobias. I wouldn’t be who and where I am without him.

Christina S., Germany

Tobias’ coaching approach will be of interest to you only if you want to ask for clearer guidance, more happiness, and how to achieve unlimited success and activate the Pro-Entrepreneur’s peak performance mindset. If not, I’d leave it alone. Tobias’s enthusiasm and preciseness make the whole experience incredibly compelling. I’ve learned a gold mine of insights and techniques that made my life significantly better. As you use and implement the techniques in your trance-formation, you will exponentially increase your ability to make dramatic, life and business-enhancing differences. It is by far one of the most exciting and professionally stimulating experiences I have ever had. Thank you, Tobie. I value the support you’ve given me.

Agnieszka C., UK

After traveling for a few months, I started looking for a job, a job that I will enjoy doing years from now. But where do I start looking? And I mean that literally: where in the world, what job, what conditions? Tobias has helped me to find my true interests, passion and confidence, to never give up and stand up for myself. He loves to listen, asks the right questions and has sent me on an incredible and interesting journey of my life. I can’t say it enough – thank you Tobias!

Eliesabeth W., Germany

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